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TF25-B3-A 3-way motorized ball valve 1'' brass body T type DC12V


TF25-B3-A 3-way motorized ball valve 1'' brass body T type DC12V
  • NO.: TF000166
  • Weight: 750gram
  • Quantity: 100 pcs
  • Sales time: 2013-06-09
  • Market price: $43.74
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1, Pls choose the Material, Thread  and Wiring Control Method when place the order. (Such

 you need Brass, NPT, CR2-01 wiring).

2, This item we need about 3-5 business day for processing!

3, We're the manufacturer, quality 365 days guaranteed!

4, For big order with further discount, please contact me by email. 

5, Systems can calculate the shipping cost automatically before you make the payment. 



1. IC card water meters, heat energy meters, solar instrument. 
2. The central air conditioning fan coil, fire sprinkler 
3. Water saving irrigation, automatic control system, industrial mini automatic control equipment. 
4. Agriculture Irrigation equipment 
5. Drinking water equipment, Water heater, washing machine, AHW etc.

1. Has compact size with smart shape, Perform reliably, has long life time. 
2. The transmission system adopt new technology and made of metal gears with high output torque 
3. Multi-angle assembly, convenience for different space allocation requirements. 
4. Floating seal structure, no leak, suitable for heavy dirt and long time no action occasion. 
5. Can replace the solenoid valve in the conditions that the solenoid valve can not be worked. 
6. Varity of control methods, can both recognize the remote signal and feedback signal to the intelligent unit 
7. Motor & manual integration designed with the indicator. 
8. High protection class, can be worked in moist conditions. 
9. Passed CE certification and RoHS certification 

Product size NPT/BSP 1"
Maximum working pressure 1.0MPa
Circulation medium Fluid, air
Rated voltage DC12V, DC24V   (Optional) 
Wiring control methods CR2-01 CR3-01 CR5-01(Optional)
Working current ≤80MA  (500mA shown on the lable means the minimum current of external power )
Open/close time ≤5 Sec
Life time 100,000 times
Valve Body material Brass 
Actuator material Engineering Plastics
Sealing material EPDM & PTFE
Actuator rotation 90°
Max. torque force 2 Nm
Cable Length 0.5m,1.5m(Optional)
Environment temperature -15℃~50℃
Liquid temperature 2℃~95℃
Manual override No
Indicator No

CR2 01 Wiring Diagram (2 wires control)







                        (7-15 days)                                                                (5-7 days)






 Time witness the great quality

A professional seller can help you make a perfect propotype, easy to control and manager the quality of the whole water control systems and HVAC, heating, fan coil, pump heat system.

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Electric ball valve also named motorized ball valve used for water automatic control systems.

Key words: electric water valve, electric flow control valve, motorised valve, motor operated valve,

automatic control valve, actuator valve, actuated ball valve.


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