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How To Get A Free Sample From Us?
Neil 2015-10-08

Anybody want to obtain a “value $40+” motorized valve free sample from us?  

“Free” means free motorized valve sample + free shipping. 

Now, Let’s see what sample you can get from us.

Model Number: TF15-B2-A

Voltage: 5VDC, 12VDC, 24VDC (Option)

On/Off Time: 5sec

Wiring Diagram – CR301 Wiring (3 wires control, hot sale version)

You can choose different valve size, valve material and the wiring control method if above valve sample isn't suitable for your

systems, but you should pay the extra cost to us.


Our Rules:


1, Display our website links or online store links on the different places.


Forum: Such as HVAC forum, air conditioning forum, solar water heating forum, heat pump or plumbing forum etc. Each one is ok, and show me the result page link.


Platform: Such as Linkedin, Google+, Facebook etc, Each one is ok, and show me the result page link.


2, Only 6pcs sample free every month from Oct 2015 year till to Jan 2016 year.


3, One person can only get one free sample after he/she displayed two links on the different platform.


You can choose the following link at above mentioned forum or platform. (normal open or normal closed, for instead of solenoid valve); (Most of our old clients bought it for brewing systems); (2/3/5 wires for option); (our official website).


We do for ads and promotion, you do for sample free. Win-Win.  Contact me if it is interests.  Neil.


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